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SUPER SPICY Premium Hawaiian Hot Sauce 21.5 oz. Squeeze Bottle

Kilauea Fire Hot Sauce 21.5 fl oz. Squeeze Bottles


Size and Pricing Options*:
1 Bottle [Price: $25.00]
2 Bottles [Price: $33.00]
3 Bottles [Price: $40.00]
4 Bottles [Price: $48.00]
8 Bottles - Includes Free Shipping [Price: $80.00]
12 Bottles - Includes Free Shipping + 10% Off [Price: $108.00]


Super Spicy Hot Sauce - 21.5 oz. Squeeze Bottle

While this hot sauce shares the same basic flavor of our signature Spicy Premium Hawaiian BBQ Sauce, it pushes the heat up a few levels. Definitely not for the timid but a terrific way to fire up all sorts of delicious dishes.

Best served with: Pizza, egg rolls, fried noodles, pork chops and rotisserie chicken.

Refrigerate After Opening


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