In the quiet town of Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii in 1997, two college sweethearts (one studying culinary arts the other geology) got their homework mixed up.  Three bottles of the culinary student’s new Hawaiian Ketchup® with tomatoes, garlic, and spices were accidentally dropped into his girlfriend’s canister of red hot lava samples from the Kilauea volcano for her geology lab. With both projects ruined the molten mess ended up discarded in a basement, forgotten… until the summer of 2017 where twenty years later the students are now married working, as a professor at the university and a Pacific Fusion chef, in Hilo.

Getting ready for the summer they were looking for an old BBQ grill in the basement of their house with their children. In the darkest corner under some dusty notebooks the children stumbled upon a mysterious canister marked smudged with the word “Kilauea…” Upon opening it they released three mysteriously animated bottles of similar profile yet distinct attitudes: Mild, Spicy and Super Spicy! The once discarded Hawaiian Ketchup® project had fused with the lava coming to life as the Kilauea Fire® Cousins!!

The chef introduced these sauces to friends and family to try with everything from hot dogs to hamburgers to fried chicken and pizza. All who dared to try a taste loved the unique blend of tomato, garlic, hint of Asian fruit and the spicy kick of varying degrees! Intrigued by the unlimited possibilities, the chef felt it was time to share Kilauea Fire® with the rest of the world.

Since the professor had to study different areas for her research it was decided that that summer the family would tag along to see what cuisines would go well with their line of Kilauea Fire® sauces. Naturally the Kilauea Fire® Cousins will be tagging along while getting in and out of mischief. So, if you happen to see the Kilauea Fire® Cousins, samples of Kilauea Fire® Hot Sauce, Kilauea Fire® spicy Hawaiian Ketchup and Kilauea Fire® mild Hawaiian Ketchup are probably near. Feel free to say “hello” and try some good food or follow from afar at as they travel the world tasting different adventures…

Kilauea Fire Feed